I have always loved making my own tackle, which includes a wide variety of end rigs and pieces of terminal gear, all of which are designed to help the angler to catch more fish.

I also make my own flies but, once I found out how to create my own soft plastic lures, became engrossed in this fascinating aspect of the sport. This enabled me to create a selection of my own, unique designs, including several, like hermit crabs, small flatfish and sea slaters, that I have never seen anywhere else. While I am not set up to supply these lures on a commercial scale, I can nonetheless supply individuals and have placed a link to the range below for anyone that might be interested.
Although most of my trips take place at actual marks, I have, on occasion, been asked to lead sessions focusing on technical skills. This is particularly true of creating lures for light rock fishing. I can teach you how to create your own moulds from scratch, based upon your own original designs, and then show you how to produce your own lures. (The price includes one mould of your design, which will be posted on to you once the silicone has set. )

Once you have created your own lures, you might be interested in another trip to test them out. I can take you to places where you can not only see how they work but also have a realistic chance of connecting with a reasonable fish. After all, there is little more satisfying than catching a fish on a lure that you have designed, sculpted, made a mould from and then produced. It's very similar to the satisfaction gained from fly tying with the added bonus that you can use your mould to create lots more lures whenever you want.

Link to Razorbill Lures

My latest e-books - The Challenge of Inshore Boat Fishing' and 'Why Sea Fishing with Lighter Tackle Rocks' - contain a lot of information on light rock fishing. They may not be quite as helpful as having a personal coach to guide you through the necessary steps, pointing out both difficulties and strategies to get around them, but they will give you the basics at a very affordable price. Both are available from the 'Books' link above, which will take you directly to Amazon.

Razorbill Lures

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Link to Razorbill Lures