If you would like a signed copy of 'The Challenge of Sea Fishing', please feel free to use the PayPal link to order one. At the moment it is on sale at 12.99, including postage and packaging. It is also available to buy from Brixham Bait & Tackle, Euro Angling, Tidal Tackle and Torbay Bookshop.
Angling is something that I feel passionate about and, over the years, I have had several books published. I have also written extensively for various magazines, including Sea Fishing, Fisherman, Anglers Mail, etc. When Kindle came along, I saw it as a great way for people to find out more about the sport that they love at a price that was really affordable. I therefore wrote 'The Challenge of Sea Fishing' and 'The Challenge of Inshore Boat Fishing' to share my light tackle approach with others of like mind or indeed anyone who sought to squeeze the maximum enjoyment possible from the sport of sea angling.
Now I have added a third e-book - 'Why Sea Fishing with Lighter Tackle Rocks' - that not only celebrates my love of fishing light but has the clear intention that there should be something for everyone in the chapters within. I have also included lots of diagrams which, as always, I have set out to make as clear and easy to follow as possible.
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Link to Amazon site retailing Kindle e-book 'The Challenge of Inshore Boat Fishing' Link to Amazon site retailing Kindle e-book 'The Challenge of Sea Fishing'
'The perfect book for any angler looking to explore what sea fishing has to offer. In this practical and informative guide author Lindsey Green explains the fun of adopting his light-tackle approach.'
Issue 513, Review:
 'The Challenge of Sea Fishing'

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