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Light Rock Fishing can be tremendous fun - especially if you are prepared to experiment - with a number of species coming to the net!
Fly fishing in the sea can be very entertaining too, as can fly fishing for carp, trout or ultralight fly fishing for coarse species such as perch, carp, roach, rudd etc.
If you are interested in having a go at fishing or whether you are already an experienced angler who would like to try something different, the lakes and coastline around Torbay and its neighbours offer some great opportunities for sport, especially if you know where and when is likely to produce.
As an Angling Trust Tridiscipline Level 2 Sea, Coarse and Fly Fishing Coach and Coach Educator with over forty years experience of fishing in the South West, it is my great pleasure to share that knowledge and experience with other anglers, be they families, individuals or groups from school or work. I am also, amongst other things, a writer and a qualified teacher with over twenty five years of teaching in schools.

Although my particular passion is for light tackle angling, which produces the most sensational sport across all three disciplines, I thoroughly enjoy all forms of fishing and have, so far, written ten books upon the subject. My latest two are 'Fly Fishing - the Tug on the Line', an introduction to fly fishing for trout and some of the most popular coarse and marine species, and 'Make Fishing Fun - Tips, Trips, Techniques and Tackle', a tridiscipline book looking at highly exciting methods of angling taken from all three branches of the sport. I have also written extensively for a number of magazines, including Sea Angler, which I have just started writing for (March, 2024).
Whether it is beachcasting, boat fishing, float fishing across a variety of techniques, light tackle sea fishing, tying up flies or rigs, carp fishing, rough ground or reef fishing, fly fishing for trout, tenkara or pole fishing in the sea etc, I should be able to help you and will,if you are kind enough to consider my services, do my utmost to help.
Angling on Prescription
Angling on Prescription
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Guided fishing trips by Martyn Green, Angling Trust Level 2 Tridiscipline (Sea, Coarse and Fly Fishing) Coach, Coach Educator and author of 'The Challenge ...' series of sea fishing books, etc.
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